Infrastructure is strong, with the project sitting approximately 30 km from the international airport. Greenland benefits from a pro-mining.

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Mitterberg Copper

The Mitterberg district arguably contains the largest copper concentration in the Eastern Alps. The project, which is comprised of 47 licences over 33 sq km.

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Focussing on the prolific Copper-Nickel belt famous for its high-grade deposits, we have identified four sub-targets for immediate drill testing.

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Titanium News

FinnAust Summary

The Company has a number of highly prospective licences at various stages of development in Greenland, Finland and Austria.

In Greenland, the Company is exploring the Pituffik Ilmenite Project, which includes a very large and unusually pure titanium occurrence. Work to date indicates potential for Pituffik to be in the top percentile of projects worldwide in terms of heavy mineral grade, and this has been independently verified.

FinnAust’s strategy is focused on the production of a bulk sample “proof of concept” from the Pituffik Project with the aim of ultimately generating cash flow to create a company capable of self-funding exploration on future acquisitions.

The Company also owns high-grade magmatic copper and nickel sulphide deposits as well as copper-lead-zinc VHS-style deposits in Finland and Austria. This multi-commodity portfolio remains a strategic asset of importance and has been restructured to be cost-sustainable.

The Company has an additional focus on capitalising on current cyclical downturn by acquiring additional high quality assets to expand and complement the its existing portfolio of projects.


A management team with a track record of exploring, discovering, financing, constructing and safely operating mines across the world.


Company research reports and notes from brokerage and analyst globally.

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FinnAust Mining Plc is an AIM-quoted (ticker: FAM) exploration company with an impressive portfolio of projects covering highly prospective exploration ground in Greenland, Finland and Austria.

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Last updated 18/01/2016. Strategic Locations
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Mr. McIllree is a graduate of Curtin University’s Kalgoorlie School of Mines, holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology), as well as a PostGraduate Diploma in Mineral Economics, and has more than 20 years of experience operating in both the resources and financial sectors. Having worked initially as an exploration geologist for global mining houses he migrated to the financial / advisory side of the industry where he worked extensively as a mining analyst, then later as a corporate adviser to listed exploration and mining companies with projects across a broad spectrum of commodities and countries. Rod was a key member of the teams responsible for several successful mining companies with assets in frontier jurisdictions, including but not limited to, Medusa Mining, Anvil Mining, and Kingsrose Mining. He was the founder and Managing Director of ASX listed Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd up until August 2014 and is currently a NonExecutive Director of AIM listed Noricum Gold Limited. Rod’s skills are considered complimentary to the existing FinnAust team where he will provide the leadership necessary to continue to evaluate not just Finland but the continued expansion of the Company’s European/Scandinavian footprint. With the appointment of a high calibre interim CEO, the focus will now shift to define and execute the Company strategy, inclusive of the next phase of exploration work currently contemplated for Finland. As an important part of this process the Company is continuing to assess the results from the recent 15,000m diamond drilling programme as well as the completion/interpretation of several local geophysical programmes in and around the Outokumpu belt in Finland.

Greenland is changing quickly, its recent move to self rule from Denmark coincides at time of enormous environmental change. Its a land of contrast and good solid people. Prospective and well regulated. a good place to do business.

Yes, it does have a bit of a technical aspect to it. It’s something that obviously we’ve been working on with various parties, or various groups, within GEUS because there’s quite a lot of input into something like this as you could imagine.

It started with a helicopter-borne aerial photography using a high resolution camera and from a distance of 1,500 metres above sea level we’re getting something in the vicinity of 50cm pixel size so obviously a very high definition photogrammetry run over the raised beach environment. Each one of those photos was put into a 3D stereoscopic perspective such that the model actually is of a three dimensional aspect, that has been tied to, now, the off-shore seismic bathymetry and I would refer listeners back to the announcement of the completion of that work earlier in the year.

So now that we’re able to tie these two models together essentially what it does is for us a number of things, first and foremost it is very indicative I guess of the volumes of sediments because we can pull that horizon out as a separate layer and we can work with that. Now the second thing that it does do for us is it provides, as mentioned in the RNS, a platform for us to prepare all the work programmes moving forward, there is a bit of a sense I guess in the PDF version of the RNS, if interested parties wanted to look at that, the model can be seen in Figure 1 and we can dive down into that at any point along that 30 kilometre of coastline and as I mentioned before pick up 50cm resolution.

So it provides a platform for FinnAust Mining that’s enormously important in terms of the work programmes that we’re preparing, site locations, infrastructure, from the bathymetry perspective it allows us to identify the routes to take from the upcoming dredging process so all in all it’s a very important development and it’s a very important piece of kit to have on a project like this.

Company’s strategy is as follows: to secure high quality, low cost assets with demonstrable paths to production by taking advantage of the current cyclical downturn and depressed commodity markets to execute this strategy; and to ensure costs across all the Company’s project areas are sustainable taking into account current market conditions.

Utilising GUES continues to work in your favour, what else have FinnAust Mining got them doing for you that investors can look forward to

All of this is work programme or deliverables that came from the 2015 work programme and what that entailed was the bathymetry, the seismic, the aerial airborne and photogrammetry, there is a 3D model that we’re having prepared, a fly-through the entire project which is more for presentational and for investor interest but it will really give a sense.

One of the more interesting aspects of this project, and it’s a good aspect to have, is that the scale of the project I think can only really be understood from the sky, you don’t really get a sense of scale when you’re standing on the ore body, it needs to be taken from above and one of the things that will feed into this is the generation of that 3D fly-through, it will provide a very nice fly-through over the entire environment from 0 kilometres all the way through to 30 kilometres. So it just gives I think interested parties a better sense of scale on that, that’s due in the next couple of weeks, they’ve been working very carefully and closely on the metallurgy and the analytic side of this and the results we took from the project last year.

The metallurgy is progressing, we will hopefully have something out in the next couple of weeks that will give a sense of what this concentrate looks like, from certainly just a first pass, a non-optimised perspective, it seems as though everything is going to be ok on that front, it continues to appear as a very low impurity concentrate so that will probably conclude I guess the deliverables from 2015.

Now GUES are very active at the moment preparing for what is going to be a bigger and broader scale exploration programme in 2016. The benefits of really using GUES and I’ve mentioned this a couple of times is GUES provides all of the equipment that is necessary to execute programmes of this type in these environments and it saves the company an enormous amount of money. We are renting these pieces of equipment at very cheap rates, we have the GEUS technicians and the field technicians and the scientists from GUES on-site managing all of these aspects of the programme this year and more importantly I think what has been happening is GEUS and SRK have been working collaboratively with each other to prepare the work programmes that will deliver an initial mineral estimate. So it’s a lot happening in the background, I think that hopefully we’ll be in a position to start releasing some of this more technical and analytical work shortly, we’ve got a lot on, pretty busy.

The focus of the company is to get to production as quickly and cheaply as possible. Various development scenarios are currently being assessed via trade off studies. the results of this will decide which scenario we ultimately move forward with but at this stage its either 100% on land, 50% land based and 50% marine based or 100% self contained ship borne dredging gear.

Titanium has unique weight and strength characterictics that no other metals have. Its is biocompatible for transplants and with the advent of 3d titanium printing the sky is the limit, literally!!

Day to day the short term strategies always change according to the day to day situation  however the long term focus of everyone at FAM is to put pituffik into  production in the most cost effective manner possible. The board and senior management are all significant shareholders and its because of this that the interest of our shareholders and ourselves are aligned


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